69 lake trekking route

69 lake trekkingIf you find the vision of camping next to a pristine azure lake the foot of a spectacular and legendary mountain appealing, then this trek is for you.  The two-day trek ascends one of the most majestic valleys in the Cordillera Blanca to Lake 69, passing along the way sparkling streams and fragile Quenual forests, which afford a good chance to see local high Andean fauna.

Tour type: trekking
Trek Grade: Moderate
Duration:  2 days
Best time to go: April - November
Maximum Altitude: 4650m
Average walking per day: 5 hours.

Itinerary at glance

Day 1: Huaraz – Llanganuco lake – 69 lake

Day 2: 69 lake - Huaraz

* Optional: It is possible to visit this lake only in one day, so in this case you need to depart very early (6:00 AM) from Huaraz with a private vehicle to the place called Cebollapampa and it must wait for you there until you return to the same place.

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